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Standout Track: No. 1, “Some Assembly Required,” on which the members of Solar Powered Sun Destroyer trade in the precision aggression of their hardcore roots for atmospheric rock. “Two by two, building you/An army, a lovely army,” Edward Tauch sings, as the band marrys D.C.-style math with Jeff Buckley-esque melodrama in a shimmering display of tension and release.

Musical Motivation: Most of the band’s five members—who are scattered across Northern Virginia and Maryland—are new to the melodic bag. Drummer Jimmy Rhodes, 24, claims Converge, Radiohead, and Sade as influences, and says the merger of the group’s punkish past and poppier present is key to its sound. “Some Assembly Required” was written shortly after the band formed last June, but Rhodes still isn’t sure what the song is about. “[Tauch] is that kind of frontman who wants people to have different interpretations of his lyrics,” Rhodes says. “All I know is it deals with a person’s relationship problems through the story of a futuristic cloning machine and mail order.”

OK Commuter: Rhodes, bassist Ian Sabo, and guitarists Justin Horenstein and Cliff Rehder knew each other from hardcore groups, but Tauch took a different route to membership. “Ed has actually never been in a band before this one,” says Rhodes. “He’s just been singing in his car while delivering pizzas in Fredericksburg. He responded to our Craigslist ad and had some YouTube clips of himself covering Mazzy Star and Radiohead songs, which were surprisingly great to us. It really worked out very nicely.”

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer plays Saturday, Sept. 6 at DC9.