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taxation of representation

Kudos to Mike DeBonis for his plea (“End Republican Welfare!” 9/5) to end set-asides for non-Democrats (which strikes me as similar to the rules of the Stoddert Soccer League preventing a team from winning by more than three goals). The system hasn’t resulted in diversity of opinion in the clones who serve on the City Council. Not one of them has had an original thought in the 25-plus years I’ve lived in D.C., and, except for the debate on whether D.C. should pay for a ballpark, I can’t think of any issue on which there has been any disagreement.

As long we are a city whose population consists almost exclusively of knee-jerk liberals, we deserve unanimous representation by the Democrats, the party of knee-jerk liberals. We don’t need “Republicans” like Carol Schwartz or Patrick Mara for window dressing.

Patrick Hand

Westmoreland Circle