The Verge Ensemble has been around for 35 years—a long time for a group dedicated to performing music you are almost guaranteed to have never heard before. Classical’s appeal is already limited; introducing pieces like View From Dead Horse Point for Violin and Computer to the diminishing ranks of white-tie diehards is a risky strategy. But the Corcoran’s ensemble-in-residence has earned both success and acclaim in its devotion to nü-classical music written by people who are still alive. It’s presented hundreds of new works by contemporary artists; showcased African-American, Native American, and women composers; and pushed the bounds of its genre with pieces that incorporate digital music and video. For tonight’s season opener it will play pieces by Charles Wuorinen, Jefferson Friedman, John Drumheller, and Chinary Ung. THE VERGE ENSEMBLE PERFORMS AT 4 P.M. AT THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART, 500 17TH ST. NW. $20. (202) 639-1700.