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The Residents are most famous for their anonymity, a state of affairs that’s obscured their remarkable record of musical accomplishment, from a pioneering independent record label to the earliest use of samples and digital synthesizers. For the band’s latest work, The Bunny Boy, the music is only part of the concept: The title character is the star of a YouTube-based video series, which unfolds a strange mystery story over the course of 60 two-minute webisodes. The CD of the same title features a set of eerily compelling songs inspired by the series (as opposed to a soundtrack; the videos aren’t musical). Those aspects converge in the Residents’ stage show, which is far closer to avant-garde cabaret than a conventional concert. This one will include the album tracks, the YouTube videos, and new elements that promise to tie up the story in dramatic fashion.

THE RESIDENTS PERFORM AT 7 P.M. AT THE 9:30 CLUB, 815 V ST. NW. $35. (202) 265-0930.