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STANDOUT TRACK: No. 2, “Caught In Between,” a kiss-off masquerading as a love song masquerading as a Zen meditation. “Find someone you can really love,” whispers Glenn Kowalski in a slithery baritone. The chorus warns of the dark side of non-engagement—one may be “Caught in between/Feeling so mean…up in the air”—but all negative vibes are dispelled by fuzzy guitars and Kowalski’s closing, “Uh uh ah ah uh.”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: Kowalski wrote and recorded everything but a harmonica part on Killer Good, but it takes him a while to explain the message behind the song. “It’s kind of about indecision, about trying to make a hard decision about which way to go,” he says. He then added: “[It’s] about my divorce, both positive and negative…It does talk about ‘feeling so mean.’” Later, in a follow-up e-mail: “[It’s] about difficult decisions and for me came out of being separated. But it also has to do with being optimistic and the importance of both something and someone to ‘rave about.’”

Take Cover: Kowalski can’t remember whether he played his first show with the overlooked local punk outfit, White Boy, in 1977 or 1978. Regardless, he hails from a bygone Washington, when the Slickee Boys roamed the Earth and writing your own music wasn’t smiled upon. “Back then you had to convince a club owner that would normally have a cover band play to have an original band,” says the 48-year-old Silver Spring resident of the pre-“Salad Days” salad days. But he’s not slavishly nostalgic. “It’s a little bit of a party now, just like it was back then,” he says.

7 Door Sedan plays the Velvet Lounge Saturday, Oct. 11.