The world isn’t such a complicated place, Billy Bragg argues on his latest album, Mr. Love & Justice. There are things that are bad, like the tobacco industry and rendition. Then there are things that are good, like—well, you know what the album’s called. Music isn’t so complicated either: After a few decades Bragg has mastered a genial, sturdy brand of folk rock that’s mainly colored by Ian McLagan’s keyboards. (If even that’s too much, there’s a deluxe version of the disc with Bragg-only versions of the tracks.) His recent songs don’t have the sheen of his early hits or the sense of play that made his Mermaid Avenue collaborations with Wilco such fun. But picking discographical nits isn’t especially relevant here. Bragg is playing a week before a presidential election, which means an evening of good-humored lectures about America’s responsibility to the rest of the world, couched between songs he wants to get over more than ever. BILLY BRAGG PERFORMS WITH THE WATSON TWINS AT 7 P.M. AT THE 9:30 CLUB, 815 V ST. NW, $35. (202) 265-0930.