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Singer-guitarist Jay Reatard opens his Oct. 13 blog entry with this: “So tour is going better than ever so far staying healthy and playing some funny/fun shows.” That’s pretty much what you’d expect from a rock ’n’ roll dude in his late 20s with a Flying V and a voice that’s like a bedroom nerd’s best hope of ever sounding like Marc Bolan. But what’s remarkable about Reatard is that few have worked harder in such a short time, and that’s pretty upbeat blogging for a guy who’s been known to take a swing at an audience member. The Memphis, Tenn., singer has released not one but two singles compilations this year, including the brilliant Matador Singles ’08. That’s 30 songs ranging from fist-pumping garage rock to fist-pumping, clanging New Zealand pop, and he gets additional points for his smart use of acoustic guitars and keyboards. The beautiful thing is that none of it is intimidating. You don’t need to know the Nuggets box sets to get Reatard. It’s straight-ahead music from the kind of guy who signs off on his blog posts with “see ya soon” and “alright bedtime kids.” JAY REATARD PERFORMS WITH COLA FREAKS AND TURBO FRUITS AT 9 P.M. AT THE BLACK CAT BACKSTAGE, 1811 14TH ST. NW, $10. (202) 265-0930.