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Just when you start to think that Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! is a slightly—slightly classier installment than its predecessor, 2006’s Another Gay Movie, well…a guy gets fucked by his father. They’re both in costumes, partying separately in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where the four main characters of the original have gone to celebrate their graduation from San Torum High School by “flashing vacancy signs over [their] ass pussies.” So, really, the coed and Father of the Year couldn’t have known. Though we might have seen it, uh, coming, considering writer-director Todd Stephens’ first dreadful gay-themed take on teen sex comedies included the line, “I can’t believe I almost sucked my own dad’s dick.”

Indeed. Stephens’ goal in parodying the worst of the dumb-horny-kids genre is clear, and his exuberance even admirable. But even the sluttiest, most flaming homosexuals should be offended by the caricatures personified by Nico (Jonah Blechman, the only returning lead cast member), Andy (Jake Mosser), Griff (Aaron Michael Davies), and Jarod (Jimmy Clabots). Stephens’ idea of lowball humor includes an actual shot of low balls—hanging out of a trannie’s skirt and nearly down to her knees—as well as never-ending talk of wangs, buttholes, crabs, and fucking to the exclusion of all other subjects. How does this differ from, say, typical Kevin Smith dialogue? Well, Smith’s characters don’t act like 8-year-olds at a toy store. And they have genuine conversations. And if they’re talking about anal or even actually getting laid, there aren’t sound effects such as squishes or splats or horse whinnies or farts. But in Stephens’ films? These noises are a veritable soundtrack.

Stephens does choose an appropriate palette for his characters to romp in, the scenery and costumes all eye-popping candy colors whether they’re ogling seaside prospects or sleeping four to a fabulously linened bed, morning wood evident. The film also gets a boost of star power with a cameo from Perez Hilton, who is actually somewhat funny as a briefly reborn Christian who begs his gay men to “open your hearts and close your holes.” There’s also more of a story here than in the first movie, as the script focuses on two relationships, a committed one between Griff and Jarod that’s being tested by the beach’s “Gays Gone Wild” contest and a developing one that isn’t moving fast enough for Andy, who’s freaked by his new boyfriend’s inexperience.

The very best move that Stephens makes is restricting the character of Muffler (Ashlie Atkinson), a truly repulsive lesbian, to a few typically gross lines. But this still doesn’t redeem what’s ultimately a juvenile test of one’s stomach and patience. And just like at the end of Another Gay Movie, Another Gay Sequel promises to make the “franchise” a trilogy, with the third one bearing a name that would probably make even Smith wince: Another Gay Movie Strikes Back. As the lead foursome would trill, “Awkward!”