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On Saturday October 11, 2008, over 9,000 people packed into Georgetown to sample some of the city’s best cuisine.

Taste of Georgetown attendees had an opportunity to sample dishes from 27 restaurants in Georgetown including Clyde’s, Hook, Georgetown Cupcake and Mie N Yu.

To find out which restaurants had the best dishes, we had over 400 participants review participating restaurants and provide us feedback on what was good, great or just gross.

Restaurants were scored on a scale of 1 through 5, with 5 being the highest ranking. Read below to find out how your favorite restaurants were ranked by our raters!

Restaurant: Baked & Wired
Average Rating: 4.94
Number of Ratings: 35

What CP Tasters said:
– “Strawberry cupcake heaven!”
– “Has the best cupcakes in the mid-atlantic.”
– “Amazing maple spice cupcake. I want another!”
– “Incredible chocolate cupcake and peanut butter frosting.”

Restaurant: 1789
Average Rating: 4.82
Number of Ratings: 67

What CP Tasters said:
– “The lobster melted in my mouth. Loved the sweet treat too!”
– “Amazing. I went back for seconds.”
– “A bit too oily but otherwise the lobster complemented the yams well.”
– “Everything and more of what I imagined. Decadent! Delicious!”
– “Fine and delicate. I’ve never tried anything like it.”

Restaurant: Agraria
Average Rating: 4.5
Number of Ratings: 23

What CP Tasters said:
– “Pork belly to die for.”
– “It’s not every day someone hands you braised pork belly as your walk down the street … but it should be.”
– “This was my favorite. Jelly wasn’t dry and the spoonbread was yummy.”
– “Fatty pork belly but rich, wonderful flavors.”

Restaurant” Nick’s Riverside Grille
Average Rating: 4.5
Number of Ratings: 10

What CP Tasters said:
– “BBQ ribs lacked spiciness.”
– “Good, melt in your mouth.”
– “Great ribs! Doesn’t get you messy.”

Restaurant: Chadwick’s
Average Rating: 4.44
Number of Ratings: 9

What CP Tasters said:
– “Excellent ribs.”
– “Ribs fell off the bone – great.”
– “Clam chowder was the bomb – not like dirt in Arizona.”

Restaurant: Georgetown Cupcake
Average Rating: 4.42
Number of Ratings: 28

What CP Tasters said:
– “Great pumpkin spice and topping on the chocolate hazelnut cupcake but I didn’t love the chocolate cupcake.”
– “Delicious. The cake part was moist.”
– “Amazing cupcakes. Great variety.”

Restaurant: Tacklebox
Average Rating: 4.42v
Number of Ratings: 19

What CP Tasters said:
– “Cole slaw was a little bland.”
– “Lives up to the hype.”
– “Great shrimp roll. Not a fan of the potato salad.”

Restaurant: Fahrenheit
Average Rating: 4.41
Number of Ratings: 17

What CP Tasters said:
– “The chocolate torte is a woman’s dream!”
– “Wonderfully spicy but not too hot. Loved the slaw.”
– “Shrimp was not as juicy and spicy as it looked.”

Restaurant: Sea Catch
Average Rating: 4.4
Number of Ratings: 54

What CP Tasters said:
– “The free mushroom soup was better than the $5 entrée.”
– “Well prepared. Tasted delicious. Big shrimp!”
– “Wonderful. Surprisingly light.”
– “I could see myself PT chillin with some raw fish goods.”

Restaurant: Third Edition
Average Rating: 4.3
Number of Ratings: 9

What CP Tasters said:
– “Best wings I have ever had – wonderful.”
– “Good but a little too seasoned.”
– “Burger was too dry but crab cake was good.”
– “Wings did work on my taste buds, son.”

Restaurant: Neyla
Average Rating: 4.29
Number of Ratings: 37

What CP Tasters said:
– “Love the regional country specials. Pickled cauliflower nice authentic touch.”
– “Good, minty falafel, easy to carry, yummy.”
– “Chicken shawarma to die for.”
– “All meditterenean food the same? No way!”
– “Chicken sliders – awesome. Falafel – soso.”

Restaurant: Los Cuates
Average Rating: 4.28
Number of Ratings: 28

What CP Tasters said:
– “Yum! Can’t wait to have dinner here.”
– “Chicken was a bit too overcooked but overall was good.”
– “People friendly, great taste of food, great value, and great presentation of food and the booth.”

Restaurant: La Chaumiere
Average Rating: 4.27
Number of Ratings: 11

What CP Tasters said:
– “Succulent apple tart.”
– “Surprisingly good blend of tastes and textures.”
– “Cassoulet was great! I got it because the line was nonexistent but it was a nice surprise.”

Restaurant: Old Glory
Average Rating: 4.25
Number of Ratings: 39

What CP Tasters said:
– “Good pork. Too much bread on tomatoes.”
– “And when we thought O.G. was just a barbeque place! The cakes were fab!”
– “Wonderful fried green tomatoes.”
– “Tomatoes were great, roll overpowered the pork.”

Restaurant: Filomena
Average Rating: 4.22
Number of Ratings: 35

What CP Tasters said:
– “Smoked chicken ravioli was tasty. Great customer service too!”
– “The Ravioli Michele was divine!”
– “Ravioli was overcooked and too saucy.”

Restaurant: Tony & Joe’s
Average Rating: 4.21
Number of Ratings: 23

What CP Tasters said:
– “Great dish – we will go to the restaurant.”
– “Nut batter was new and exciting.”
– “Dissapointing – did not enjoy glazes. The nuts overpowered the shrimp.”
– “Shrimp was perfectly cooked, mango salsa added the perfect blend.”

Restaurant: Bangkok Joe’s
Average Rating: 4.2
Number of Ratings: 54

What CP Tasters said:
– “I have eaten at over 200 area thai’s – the best pad thai chicken by far!!!”
– “Pad thai good, verrrry long line.”
– “Amazing veg pad thai. Fresh and not heavy.”

Restaurant: Ristorante Piccolo
Average Rating: 4.18
Number of Ratings: 16

What CP Tasters said:
– “Ravioli was too soft. It was overcooked.”
– “Ravioli was such an interesting combination of flavors.”
– “Clean taste with just the right amount of sharpness.”
– “Loved the raviolis with grated cheese and a drizzle of troufle oil – delicious.”

Restaurant: J. Paul
Average Rating: 4.17
Number of Ratings: 35

What CP Tasters said:
– “Ribs were dry but crabs were delish.”
– “Pretty dry.”
– “A long line but worth the wait.”
– “Take the paper separators off your burgers when you cook them.”
– “Surf and turf was awesome.”

Restaurant: Cafe` Bonaparte
Average Rating: 4.1
Number of Ratings: 20

What CP Tasters said:
– “The last tango crepe was amazing.”
– “Good but nothing extraordinary”
– “Very tasty. Generous portions.”

Restaurant: Hook
Average Rating: 4.05
Number of Ratings: 36

What CP Tasters said:
– “Great lentils! Not sure about the texture of the sausage.”
– “I want the recipe! It was delicious.”
– “Lick-the-plate good.”

Restaurant: Rugby
Average Rating: 4.05
Number of Ratings: 18

What CP Tasters said:
– “Line too long. Way too long.”
– “Delicious sliders.”
– “Raw meat in the burger.”

Restaurant: Mie N Yu
Average Rating: 4.03
Number of Ratings: 28

What CP Tasters said:
– “Not the best show of food.”
– “Great soup and curry dish.”
– “Cold rice? Meat was not as tender as I thought it would be.”
– “Lobster soup was awesome. Lots of lobster.”

Restaurant: Paolo’s
Average Rating: 4
Number of Ratings: 23

What CP Tasters said:
– “Fresh pasta was delicious and the truffle oil was a wonderful surprise.”
– “Delish tortellini!”
– “A little salty.”
– “Meatballs too hard, gamely taste.”

Restaurant: Clyde’s
Average Rating: 3.9
Number of Ratings: 20

What CP Tasters said:
– “Delicious, creamy soup.
– “Average.”
– “The best! Great soup.”

Restaurant: The Guard’s
Average Rating: 3.3
Number of Ratings: 10

What CP Tasters said:
– “Pretty good taste, portion a bit small.”
– “Tender, but shrimp is a little bland.”
– “The best appetizer on the block.”
– “Shrimp good, didn’t like steak.”

Restaurant: Morton’s the Steakhouse
Average Rating: 3.28
Number of Ratings: 42

What CP Tasters said:
– “Medium rare with a moist tender texture and excellent flavor.”
– “Not a very good representation of their restaurant.”
– “The bun was poorly chosen for the size and style of meat.”
– “Fatty steak and extremely small portions. Come on Morton’s, you can do better!”