Some might consider moving from a cappella superstardom to Judeo-comic niche-pop a step down, but for Sean Alter, it’s part of the journey home. Jewmongous is the current project of the Rockapella founder, whose debut album—released on Passover of this year—induces a tasteful minimum of cringes while furnishing revisionist history (the 10 plagues of Egypt included “dandruff,” “acne,” and “backne”), helpful synopses (“They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let’s Eat”), and Tom Lehrer–via–Adam Sandler lyrics: “Of all the rituals that make our Hebrew heart tick/There’s one particular trick we find the most cathartic.” That the trick in question has something to do with guzzling Christian baby blood shouldn’t scare the faithful, or even the goyim, away—Alter’s music is as adaptable as the subjects of the folk-schlock ballad “Jews for Jesus.”

JEWMONGOUS PERFORMS AT 7 p.m. at JAMMIN’ JAVA, 227 MAPLE AVE. E, VIENNA. $20. (703) 255-1566.