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Bill Daly

2318 18th St. NW


“Vinyl is now 70 percent of our sales. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that most labels are offering a free MP3 download or the actual CD for free inside the album jacket.”

<3.000000>1. In Rainbows, Radiohead (ATO)

Chris Stiles

DJ Hut

2010 P St. NW

(202) 659-2010


“We have seen a slow but steady increase in LP sales. Our customer base is primarily DJs, but we have seen a great deal more vinyl lovers who just have a home turntable…. We have also seen a jump in reissue vinyl LP sales, most notably Abbey Road by the Beatles, best-of Radiohead box set and The Living Legend by Baby Huey.”

<3.000000>1. Rising Down, the Roots (Def Jam)

Orpheus Records

3173 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

(703) 294-6774


“We have been having a going-out-of-­business sale all year, and have therefore sold lots of copies of things for as little as a dollar. You have to have lots of copies in order to sell lots of copies. That’s why there are no Beatles or Led Zeppelin. We just didn’t have the quantities.”

<3.000000>1. Born in the U.S.A., Bruce Springsteen (Columbia)

Joshua Harkavy

Red Onion Records & Books

1901 18th Street NW

(202) 986-2718


“I don’t get too many people looking for new releases on CD. New releases on vinyl are definitely more popular. Reissues of obscure/rare records are always popular as well. The whole ‘free download’ with the LP is a great seller. It gives people both options at one low price.

“Having increased my new vinyl selection immensely since last year, I am starting to notice a trend. There are certain titles that start to get a buzz and then I can’t restock them fast enough, and then there are titles that I love and are really good but end up sitting in the racks forever.”

<3.000000>1. Life Is a Problem, various artists (Mississippi)

Washington Phillips (Mississippi)

Neal Becton

Som Records

1843 14th St. NW

(202) 328-3345


“2008 has been OK sales-wise. Business has been down slightly since August but not horribly so. It seems like the same number of customers are coming through the door, they’re just spending a little less than they did last year.

“There have been lots of people selling records, which has been great for my used stock. For the new releases, distributors have actually started being nice to small stores, which is a trend I like. Luckily we’ve seen an upsurge of interest in vinyl—all I sell—in the last year or two, which has coincided coincidentally with the economic downturn. so it’s been a bit of a wash.”

<3.000000>1. Attack & Release, Black Keys (Nonesuch)