Standout Track: No. 6, “Bit My Lip,” a rapidly paced noise-pop song that opens with fuzzy chords courtesy of guitarists Zack Richardson and “Irish Dave” Johnston. The two engage in a clamorous sonic duel while Pete Smith anchors the trio with an intricate, steady drum pattern. And just when the head-bobbing hooks become thoroughly engrossing, it ends.

Musical Motivation: The band’s freshman album, a self-titled CD-R recorded in a backyard shed, moves through 14 songs in 23 minutes. “We definitely have written longer, more conventionally structured songs, but I really like the ones under a minute,” Richardson says. “I want to write music that sticks in my brain, and I also want a lot of screaming and noise in there, too.”

Candy Coding: Richardson (like Smith, formerly of the band Fake Accents) says when stuck in a lyrical slump, he’ll purposely coat his feelings in code. “I don’t listen to rock music for poetry. But I think really good lyrics can make an OK song great and really bad lyrics can make a good song bad,” he says. “I don’t want mine to be bad, but I mostly just try to avoid really, really bad lyrics. I want to be as impenetrable as possible.”