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Standout Track: No. 1, “Do the Work,” which juxtaposes elements of classic girl-group R&B with punky guitars, even making use of the Fugazi-style stop/start fake-out. “You’re on lockdown when I’m ready to go/ I’m telling you ‘yes,’ so let me know/ If you can pull yourself together and do the work,” sings band leader Basla Andolsun. Guitarist David Brown and bassist Clark Sabine chime in with the sort of doo-wop backing vocals that are typically accompanied by playful finger-wagging.

Musical Motivation: Andolsun, a Dischord Records employee and bassist for local bands Beauty Pill and Edie Sedgwick, wrote the song about a guy who couldn’t work up the moxie to ask her out. “It’s kind of embarrassing. There was somebody who I thought was interested, but he wouldn’t step up and make a move,” says Andolsun. “In the end, I don’t think the guy was interested in me after all—he was just a weird and awkward guy.”

You’re Not So Vain: A man with an aversion to difficult tasks probably wouldn’t do the detective work necessary to figure out that he’s the subject of “Do the Work,” but Andolson isn’t taking any chances. She politely refuses to reveal the identity of the man in question, even though she thinks he probably doesn’t think this song is about him. “I don’t think he would know,” she says. “I hope not, anyway. He’s a totally cool person—I hope he can’t put it together.” —Aaron Leitko

Andalusians performs Thursday, Feb. 5, at the Black Cat.