You may not remember Nick Cannon as Autopsy Agent One in Men in Black II or the voice of Garfield in the less-than-noteworthy Garfield: The Movie, but Cannon’s fish-out-of-water role as Devon Miles, a talented street drummer from Harlem in the 2002 movie Drumline, was so outstanding that the percussion-driven film inspired a spinoff. DRUMLine Live, created by the music team behind Drumline, brings show-style stick tricks and showmanship to the theatrical stage. The performance showcases intensely choreographed marching band routines and music adapted from hip-hop groups and R&B titans like Earth Wind and Fire and Tower of Power. Coupled with a sweepingly powerful brass line and a toothsome dance team, DRUMLine Live’s precision and pulsing energy evince Cannon’s drummer-movie-mantra: “Half time is game time.” DRUMLINE LIVE PERFOrMS WITH GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY’S DRUMLINE, THE MEAN GREEN, AT 7 P.M. AT THE GMU CENTER FOR THE ARTS, 4400 UNIVERSITY DR., FAIRFAX, VA. $22–$44. (703) 993-8888.