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Of the many ways to die, being devoured by bears while screaming is probably among the most sensational. But what filmmaker Werner Herzog found even more compelling than how Timothy Treadwell died was the way the bear enthusiast and crazy person lived: among, and in alarmingly intimate contact with, the grizzlies of the Alaskan peninsula. Herzog’s documentary is a poignant character study of a man who was at once invincible and uncommonly fragile—who would stare down an irascible 600-pound bear in one moment and weep like a child over a dead fox in the next. Grizzly Man includes a great deal of footage shot by Treadwell himself during the 13 summers he spent in the bush, cooing at bears in a tone most people use to amuse infants and occasionally embarking on long, profanity-riddled rants against the many forces he imagined were conspiring to destroy the bears that he loved and—he was sure of it—loved him back. Grizzly man shows AT 9 P.M. AT THE AFI SILVER THEATRE AND CULTURAL CENTER, 8633 COLESVILLE ROAD, SILVER SPRING. $6–$10. (301) 495-6720.