Ten-year-old Léon Doré (Antoine L’Écuyer) is not the “normal kid” his exasperated big brother Jérôme (Gabriel Maillé) wants him to be. In Léon’s twisted boy-genius mind, gymnastics rings double as makeshift gallows and treehouses as mortality-testing base-jumping launchpads. While his dad (Daniel Brière) and Jérôme prefer to live life by the book in the ’burbs, Léon and hippie mom Madeleine (Suzanne Clément) believe that in the omelet of life, you’ve gotta break some eggs (preferably against the garage door of buzzkill Mrs. Brisebois). But when Madeleine—seeking sanctuary from the constant cross-examinations of her lawyer husband—leaves Montreal for Greece to start a new life in the summer of ’68, Léon’s antics grow more “accidentally suicidal.” His partner in crime, quite literally, is Léa (Catherine Faucher), a neighborhood girl with problems of her own. Together they plot a visit to Madeleine and dream of normalcy. Writer/director Phillippe Falardeau’s brilliant visualization of Bruno Hébert’s semi-autobiographical novels calls to mind a seamless mélange of Bottle Rocket and Rushmore.

Saturday at 7 p.m. Also at 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 19, at Regal Gallery Place.