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Seven Days’ title refers to the duration of a shiva, which the Ohayon family is sitting. They’re doing so in recently departed Maurice’s hermetically sealed home, where mirrors, pictures, and second-story windows are covered, hot-boxing his family’s roiling emotions, fragile tempers, and bruised egos. Maurice’s brothers and sisters foist furtive blame on his fraying widow Ilana (Keren Mor) while his sister-in-law/covert lover Lilly (Yaël Abecassis) tries to hide her disproportionate distress from husband Jacques (Rafi Amzaleg), and aspiring politician Meir (Albert Iluz) plots to bankroll Maurice’s widow—at others’ expense, of course—behind closed doors. None of this behavior, estranged brother-in-law Eliahu (Simon Abkarian) reminds the family, will help Maurice’s soul to heaven. The resulting atmosphere is as toxic as the nerve gas that’s a constant fear—Maurice’s wake falls during the first Gulf War. By day four, the finger-pointing escalates into full-fisted punching. Anyone from a big family full of volatile personalities will find Seven Days uncomfortably familiar.

Sunday at 4:45 p.m. Also at 6:15 p.m. on Monday, April 20. Both showings at the Avalon.