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Ever wonder what a Chuck Palahniuk protagonist would sound like if he spoke Spanish as a first language? Meet Manny. Manny has a shitty life: His pregnant wife is constantly after him about his minuscule paychecks and tells him to find a new job or, at the very least, ask for a raise. But before Manny can talk money, his boss fires him for trying to clean the semen out of a peepshow booth that still has a paying customer in it. Jobless, clueless, and spineless, Manny doesn’t seem like daddy material until he receives a letter from his own father, who left years before to find work in the United States and is now on death row in Huntsville, Texas, for killing a Minuteman. Against his wife’s wishes, Manny journeys from Mexico with his camera-toting friend Diego to make peace with the man who thus far existed only in the torn half of a family photo. Every scene in Cruzando is either comically tragic or tragically comic, thanks to a fine balance between deadpan humor, strife, and creeping magical realism. With first-rate camera-work and incredible pacing, it’s likely the festival’s best father-son/roadtrip/arrested development movie.

At 8:30 p.m. Also at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21. Both showings at Landmark’s E Street Cinema.