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Standout Track: “Fit Fixed,” five-and-a-half minutes of metronomic dance-rock that the band recorded last year as a demo. “Everybody wants you to get out of the way,” sings vocalist Brock Boss in a muted mumble that sounds like Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. But once he’s out of the way, it’s easy to sink into the song’s Swiss-watch-like precision-sequenced bass line.

Musical Motivation: Guitarist/bassist Patrick Kigongo, a 26 year-old Bloomingdale resident, says the song was born from something Boss originally put together for his side project, Bop Beetle. “He had programmed this sequence into the Juno G[keyboard], just to do a little improv set, but it was really cool,” Kigongo says. “We thought, let’s build something around this.” Live, the song retains a bit of that jammy spirit. “We have friends come up and augment it with conga drums, Rototoms, and bongos,” says Kigongo.

Churl Next Door: It’s hard to land a decent practice space in D.C., especially when your band involves copious amounts of conga-pounding. “Right now we practice at Brock’s house (in Bloomingdale),” says Kigongo. “It’s OK. Sometimes the neighbors can get a little crabby, though.” As it turns out, one of the crabbies is former City Paper Staff Writer Angela Valdez. “It sounds like the bad guys are coming in an old sci-fi movie, and it makes my desk vibrate,” says Valdez. But she’s trying to be more understanding. “They are too sweet and cute to stay mad at,” she says.

Ra Ra Rasputin performs Saturday, April 18, at the Black Cat.