Standout Track: “Ice Cream,” an ominous and slightly trippy homage to Nu Shooz, Lisa Lisa, and other R&B groups that dominated the radio during the age of leg warmers. “OK,I Give up/We can buy that other stuff,” sings Christina Harper over Luke Wyatt’s lush, sleazy guitar. “It’s just, you know/I like my ice cream smooth.” It would have killed on Solid Gold, circa ’84.

Musical Motivation: Strangely enough, Harper isn’t being coy or suggestive here. She just wants some ice cream. Smooth ice cream, like Häagen-Dazs; not chunky, like Ben & Jerry’s. “I like my songs to have a sense of humor,” says Harper, a Mount Pleasant resident. “It’s a really weird song—it’s very dark and a little goth. But I’m really just mad because I can’t find Luke and we’re supposed to go and get ice cream.”

Going for the Gold: Plenty of bands have taken fashion-oriented names: Fanny Pack, Denim, the Shoestrings. But naming a group for Harper’s big gold belt, which looks like it came from the back of Papa Shango’s closet, seems like a weird choice. “We were up in New York hanging out with some friends, and we went to that club Glasslands,” explains Wyatt. “They had a dance contest and Christina had to enter—she’s a really good dancer. She had a big gold belt on and was just kicking ass the whole time. They kept calling her ‘gold belt,’” Wyatt says, adding that Harper won the contest. “They also called her ‘White Tina Turner,’ but we went with Big Gold Belt. The other one might have been a little insensitive.”