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Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Where Spotted: Rodman’s, 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Price: $8.49/6-pack

Ale-ternate Reality: Dale’s Pale Ale is my Bud Heavy. Let me explain. There’s this commercial in which a dude is staring blankly at a fridge, overcome with the celestial light beaming from the beer selection before him. Dude agonizes with his bro, as their desires are seemingly paradoxical: They want an easy-drinking beer that’s still alive with flavor. Smug expert (revealed to be the Voice of Bud) points out that the decision is foregone. In the commercial-free reality of my beer cooler, my fated choice is Dale’s.

Can Do: Aluminum cans are to bottles what lawn chairs are to dinette sets. After popping a tab, we’ve been conditioned to expect little more than a light, refreshing liquid, with all the character of tap water, but Dale’s hoppy nectar puts an artisanal twist on this casual metal experience. Quaffing one is almost as satisfying as crunching an empty can and arching it into a recycling bin, ready to fill your hand with a fresh one. —Orr Shtuhl