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It may not be the first time you feel inspired to fake it, but it might be the only time you’ll be rewarded for it. After a year of sold-out shows at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, the World Air Sex Championship is touring 15 cities to find the globe’s most cutthroat faux-shaggers. Air sex is exactly what it sounds like: similar to air guitar, but with more pumping. It’s a product of the most transcendent and filthy minds in Japan (a long-established foundry for wacky competitions). Faux-coitus competitors pick a song and a story: any combination of seduction, foreplay, and intercourse. Or competitors can fly solo like last year’s champion, Sad Larry, who buttered his corn to a picture of his ex-girlfriend with a hole cut out of her mouth. Whether you make it to the final championship or not, it seems like everyone wins.

THE CONTEST TAKES PLACE AT 8:30 P.M. AT THE ROCK & ROLL HOTEL, 1353 H ST. NE. $10. (202) 388-7625.