Nature dealt Eddie Belasco a bad hand in his teens, when he was diagnosed with diabetes. And in Junior, it seems that nurture is responsible for giving him a big mouth. Much of the documentary following 75-year-old Eddie and his nearly centenarian mother is grating, with the two of them angrily screaming even normal conversations with each other, most of which are regularly punctuated with “huh?”s. And even though the focus is on Eddie and the fact that he didn’t let complications from his illness keep him from a life of music—managing bands, singing in them, directing theater—the highlight of the film is really Mom. Whether toddling around San Francisco alone or getting her high-school diploma at age 98, the woman is sharp and, when not yelling, joyful company. Her screen time and the great meals on display throughout almost make up for Eddie’s cantankerousness.

At 8:15 p.m.; also on Saturday, June 20, at 9:30 p.m. at AFI Silver Theatre.