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Harboring mortal fears of growing old when you’re the daughter of a plastic surgeon ain’t easy, but her childhood complex and the untimely loss of her father fuel Mitch McCabe’s Youth Knows No Pain, a nonjudgmental appraisal of plastic surgery in American culture. McCabe’s personal narrative goes deeper than the usual Nip/Tuck tropes. “It’s hard for women to realize that you’re closer to menopause than puberty,” remarks an anti-aging doctor offhandedly, guessing McCabe is 38 as he comments on her triceps fat while taking a phone call (according to her MySpace page, she’s 28). Armed with wry humor and an almost Chaplinesque gaze, McCabe handles her subjects—a cougarish 53-year-old clinging to youth, a slightly snake-oily cosmetic surgeon, and her own father’s legacy—with refreshing evenhandedness that gently points out that we can’t hold the youth industry in contempt while buying into it.

At 3:30 p.m.; also on Sunday, June 21 at 6:15 p.m. at AFI Silver Theatre.