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Have you ever seen Troll 2? Right now, you’re probably either shrugging in bewilderment or laughing your ass off. Best Worst Movie investigates the cult status of that straight-to-video 1990 horror film, which boasts the following: terrible acting, a stupid story, zero involvement of trolls, and no relation to the first Troll film whatsoever. And in at least one video store, it’s filed in the Holy Fucking Shit section. Yet it’s so awful it’s hilarious, with director Michael Paul Stephenson starring as the young boy tasked with convincing his family that he can talk to his dead grandfather—and that they are in danger of being eaten by goblins. In recent years, Troll 2 screenings have become a hot ticket in some circles, with Stephenson, the film’s dad (George Hardy), and a smattering of other cast and crew members touring the country and being continually baffled by the adoration they receive. With a million terrible movies out there, the consensus in Best Worst Movie about what makes Troll 2 worthy of the doc’s title is that Italian director Claudio Fragasso was absolutely sincere in his attempt to make a good fright flick. How so many elements could go so wrong is another mystery entirely, but as one critic puts it: “Bad movies are not always bad.”

At 8:45 p.m. at AFI Silver Theatre; also on Saturday, June 20, at 8:15 p.m. at Round House Theatre.