Some restaurants like to brag about their eco-friendly ways—I mean, seriously, half of Hook’s appeal has been its sustainability come-on—but some restaurants just are eco-friendly. OK, sure, Poste Moderne Brasserie has gotten a few press notices about its organic and sustainable garden in its courtyard, from which chef Robert Weland will pluck vegetables and herbs for his dishes. But did you know that Poste uses 100 percent recycled paper? Or that it composts all its food scraps? Or that it eliminated all bottled water in favor of its own filtration system? Yeah, I know, none of that means Weland’s food is worth a damn, but here’s the thing: It is. The discipline that Weland injects into his environmental efforts is the same discipline he injects into his kitchen. His dishes are among the most consistent in the area, from his superb terrines to his handmade pastas to his rotating selection of seasonal fish entrées, including his most recent, a wild Alaskan king salmon with parsley sabayon, salmon caviar, and spring onions.

555 8th St. NW, inside Hotel Monaco, (202) 783-6060

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