Taylor is more than a deli. It’s a symbol of the affection we all have for the foods of our youth. Most folks when they arrive in D.C. bitch and moan that they can’t find their favorite hometown dishes—or can find only pale imitations. Not Casey Patten and David Mazza. Rather than complain, the duo decided to build an Italian deli like the ones they enjoyed back in their native Philadelphia. Their commitment was so unwavering that they spent months trying to find a local bread maker who could recreate the classic Sarcone’s rolls and, once defeated in that task, worked hard to convince the legendary Philly bakery to sell them the crusty rolls that serve as the base for the real-deal Italian hoagie. That passion has served Patten and Mazza well as they have quickly established themselves as one of D.C.’s premier sandwich shops.

1116 H St. NE, (202) 684-7001

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