Tucked into a secluded corner just north of the Capitol, Washington’s best sushi joint boasts an appropriately monumental view. Momoyama’s chopstick-wielders look out upon a huge concrete slab supporting I-395. Crane your head to the right, and you can just make out the huge concrete slab supporting an off-ramp, too. In order to reach the obscure commuter pit, sushi-seekers must pick through an equally mind-numbing sight—a sidewalk spillover of Capitol Hill debauchery provided by neighboring happy-hour joints My Brother’s Place and Hamilton’s. Thankfully, Momoyama’s foodtastes compensate for the unsavory visual feast. The Miller Lite crowd rarely filters into the joint in search of post-binge tempura; instead, Momoyama rolls its succulent white tuna, sweet eel, and Korean bulgogi sushi creations for regulars and Capitol Hill tour groups gone astray. The Samurai Roll, a confluence of eel, white tuna, salmon, cucumber, and caviar, is enough to lift anyone above the concrete jungle outside.