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Like the newspaper and the scripted television drama, concert posters are a dying medium. In Civilian Art Projects’ “Paper Jam,” the featured East Coast artists have a homemade, vintage sensibility in much of their work, as if MySpace were never a competitor—and when it comes to art, they’re certainly right. Beyond telling us where to find the next show, the perfect poster captures a musical mood. For instance, Public Domain’s poster for the California band Rogue Wave shows a dove drowning in its own tears, an evocation of the group’s soaring, delicate melodies. The irreverent pop-punk of Philly-based band the Wonder Years, on the other hand, is depicted by James Helmer’s image of the Kool-Aid Man in S&M attire, getting a piggyback ride from an underwear-clad Cap’n Crunch.

The exhibition is on view from noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday–Saturday, to June 27, at Civilian Art Projects, 406 7th St. NW. Free. (202) 347-0022.