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Standout Track: “Spirit High Way,” which induces the same calm and peaceful feelings that one might experience upon ingesting certain illicit substances. Guitars chime and gurgle like so many blobs bouncing around a lava lamp. The inevitable crescendo peaks early but holds steady. Also, it’s really loud. But when the song’s six blissful minutes are up, you’ll still be able to pass that pee test.

Musical Motivation: “It’s sort of a spiritual meditation thing,” explains guitarist Collin Crowe, an Arlington resident. “The songs aren’t really about anything, we just want it to be, like, a burst of happiness.” As a result, the BLDGS aesthetic skews new age. “We talk about spirituality when we talk about band politics,” says Crowe. “I mean, our songs aren’t political. We’re more into dashikis and mysticism.”

Shirt Tales: When it comes to astral travel and out-of-body experiences, BLDGS is covered—but traversing the United States has been another issue. A few weeks ago, the band finally managed to secure a 1985 Dodge van for $650 from a BMX enthusiast who rendezvoused with the band in an Ikea parking lot. “He was shirtless the entire time, but there was really nothing shady about it,” says Crowe. But he recalls another experience that hit the group’s bar for sketchiness. “The week before, we went to this other guy’s house to buy a van. We called him on the phone and told us he wasn’t at home, but my friend saw him peering at us through the window. He was also shirtless.” 

BLDGS performs Friday, July 17, at Velvet Lounge.