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Standout Track: “George,” which isn’t a song so much as an all-night psychedelic jam session in miniature form. Sam Chintha and Holly Kent-Payne improvise a stew of reverb-drenched space noise over an off-kilter ukulele loop. All the freak-folk necessities are present and accounted for—toy pianos, synthesizers, and freestyle Muppet-like vocals.

Musical Motivation: The explanation for “George” is about as hazy as the song itself: “We took the loop from a jam we did and then just jammed over it a little more,” Chintha said during an interview that consisted mostly of giggling. “Sam was, like, ‘We should name it,’ so we named it ‘George,’” explains Kent-Payne. There is some method, though—the ukulele loop is intentionally off-time so that it will repeat in irregular intervals. “It’s jarring, a little bit—it seems like it’s constantly changing,” says Chintha. “It trips us out.”

View from the Vault: Space Tigers doesn’t have a finished record ready, but there are several projects in the works, including an EP, a live EP, and a futuristic dance record that seems to be in the conceptual phase. But since the duo records all of its jam sessions, there’s a lot of stuff to sift through—10 hours worth, according to Chintha. And the pile of tapes is constantly growing. “We should listen a little bit more,” says Kent-Payne. “But we always want to create new things instead.” —Aaron Leitko