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Tokyo Gore Police opens with a flashback in which a handsome police officer gets his head blown wide open as his grown daughter narrates how wonderful he was, all to the cooing of ’60s beach pop. An anti-privatization allegory, the movie follows the Tokyo Police Corporation as it attempts to fight a breed of anarchic mutants called engineers while simultaneously abusing citizens. This is Judge Dredd tailored to reflect Japan’s two biggest problems: disastrously high rape and suicide rates. The only breaks from the carnage are darkly humorous commercials. Like the one in which an office dispute leads an underling to commit hari-kari in front of his boss. After he’s disemboweled himself and his intestines have shot across the room like spider webs, the worker looks up and says, “Hari-kari is suicide. Don’t commit hari-kari.” Or the Hello Kitty–style ad that shows three teenage girls in school uniforms bouncing up and down, promoting stylish knives for wrist-cutting that are both “cute” and “make the blood taste better.” And then there’s “Remote Control Exterminate”—a Wii game that allows citizens to kill death row inmates from the comfort of their living rooms. THE FILM SCREENS AT 7 P.M. AS PART OF THE ASIA TRASH! SERIES AT THE FREER gallery’s meyer auditorium, 1050 INDEPENDENCE AVE. SW. FREE. (202) 633-1000.