Duck Rabbit Schwarzbier

Where Spotted: Whole Foods, 2700 Wilson Blvd, Arlington

Price: $13.99/six-pack

Bon Fire: Duck Rabbit’s darks have gained a following, and the new schwarzbier, or German black lager, has a deep, dark chocolate-coated maltiness with a hint of roasted coffee. But resist the urge to compare it to a dessert; a burned-toast note dries out the finish, making for a wonderfully balanced beer. It tastes like a torched chocolate factory and is the brewery’s finest session beer yet.

Les Mix: I want my beer unadulterated by fruit, sake shots, and cigarette ashes. But are blends always evil? Would the dessert-worthy creaminess of Duck Rabbit Milk Stout play well with the schwarzbier’s toasty malts? Would the result be a liquid s’more or a black hole of wasted beer? Some of Belgium’s finest grand cru and gueuze beers are made of blends, much like many wines, so Beerspotters, I enlist you to play chef with some beers. Send me your experiments, victorious and otherwise, at —Orr Shtuhl