Founders Breakfast Stout

Where Spotted: Rodman’s, 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Price: $10.99/4-pack

Like a Boozy Cookie: This beer from Founders, those agents of darkness, hits each part of the imperial stout holy trinity with vigor: It’s brewed with oatmeal, coffee beans, and real chocolate. I know, it sounds like a KFC Famous Bowl in a bottle. But the Breakfast Stout is no failure pile: It’s harmonious, with charred cacao bitterness, oatmeal richness, and bright coffee notes.

Fry-up with People: Beer for breakfast sounds great, but this is the last bottle I’d want staring me down at 10 a.m. I’d take a crisp pilsner for my corn flakes or a mimosa-inspired combo of a German hefe and fresh fruit. But my most memorable morning meal is a full Irish breakfast I devoured one St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin: sausage, egg, and potatoes, and several pints of warm English bitter (and one Guinness, for authenticity).