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Standout Track: No.1, “To the Quick,” a piece of precision-arranged space-pop with lyrics straight from the Dean Wareham school of oblique songwriting. “You’re under the wing/Not playing games/When he handed down the order/He looked you in the eye and called you by your nickname,” sings vocalist/guitarist Ben Licciardi.

Musical Motivation: “To the Quick” drifted into existence so slowly that it’s difficult for the band to remember who did what and when. “That came out of a jam we were working on,” says Licciardi, an Alexandria resident. “We started it probably about two years ago. Then by the time we recorded the finalized version, it was maybe about a year ago.” Beyond that, it gets a little hazy. “I think [guitarist] Adrian [Carroll] and I had written the main guitar line…my brother [Chris Licciardi] came up with that keyboard part,” says the singer, struggling to recall the process in detail.

Music and Lyric: Rather than celebrating the release of their record in a traditional venue, Roofwalkers have something a little more highbrow in mind. The band will perform as part of the Story/Stereo series at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, with authors Suzanne Frischkorn and Neil Smith, who will read from their works. Roofwalkers are working on a collaboration with Frischkorn, creating an instrumental for one of her poems—and although there is always potential for such projects to stray into Lizard King territory, Licciardi seems confident. “Suzanne’s stuff has a very sort of naturalist kind of feel to it, and one side of our band is sort of pastoral,” he says. “It’ll be a bit of an experiment.”