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Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale

Where Spotted: Pete’s Apizza, 1400 Irving St. NW

Price: $5/pint

In Remembrance of Timecops Past: “Why drink pale ale when I can upgrade to IPA?” I’ve thought this after many bland pints of thin, hoppy beer that taste like pine needle tea. But Lagunitas’ version has a complex apricot and peach sweetness that’s more refreshing than reading Proust after a Jean-Claude Van Damme marathon.

Chew-niversal Soldier: With its plain-Jane neutrality, a good pale ale can pair with most dishes on a pizzeria menu. It’s bright and crisp enough for salads, goat cheese, and vinegary antipasti, while the hops play well with both acidic tomato sauce and fattier toppings. Dessert is another story, but if your biggest worry in life is choosing between beer and cake, I don’t wanna hear about it.