With a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, address, videos featuring painted, half-naked chicks romping around in the woods, and ties to Wesleyan University (the Connecticut school churning out critical fave buzz bands like MGMT and Das Racist), Amazing Baby has a certain air of inevitability about it. But the group’s music is more than equal to its pedigree. Its full-length debut Rewild, released in June, is a dreamy batch of psychedelic rock that tackles tried-and-true twentysomething themes of confusion and alienation in new and catchy ways. Though Amazing Baby has already faced something of a backlash for its hipster image, at the very least it can count Bill Murray as a fan. Last Halloween he showed up at one of the group’s shows, and went to a party with lead singer Will Roan afterward; the two spent the rest of the night guzzling Maker’s Mark on a friend’s couch. Amazing, indeed.

Amazing Baby performs at 9 P.M. on Thursday, Oct. 1, at DC9, 1940 9th St. NW. $8–$10. (202) 483-5000.