He’s already established a reputation as the master of the frat house, but now Kenny George has his sights set on another space where high-fiving dudes are known to congregate: the arcade. In a nauseating 2008 performance piece as an MFA student at the George Washington University, he attempted to lampoon fraternity culture with six consecutive games of beer pong played with Spaghetti O’s, titled “SpaghettiBros.” (City Paper covered the project with a video in which George vomited the canned pasta and then collected and weighed his bilious output.) Thankfully, his upcoming project isn’t a stunt worthy of Jackass—it’s better suited to I Love the 80s. This November, George mocks your childhood memories with “Pac-Guy,” a replica Pac-Man that has been remade in his image. Visitors to Flashpoint are invited to play the game and accompanying slot machine and computerized pogo stick. Whether they contemplate George’s take on consumerism or just play a few rounds to admire the retro graphics, there’s plenty here for the dudebros to love.

The Exhibition is on view from noon to 6 P.M., Tuesday to Saturday, from Nov. 12 to Dec. 19 at Flashpoint, 916 G St. NW. Free. 202-315-1310.