Capitol City Pumpkinator
Capitol City Pumpkinator

Capitol City Pumpkinator

Where Spotted:

Capitol City Brewing Co., 1100 New York Ave. NW



thank gourd:

Like oversized bags of candy at the grocery, pumpkin beers are a sign of autumn. The problem is, many pumpkin beers actually taste like oversized bags of candy. But Pumpkinator is one of the good guys. It has more pumpkin than cinnamon and is only mildly sweet with a vegetal bitterness. It’s a reminder that pumpkin is indeed a vegetable, not a flavor of soda.

hit the harvest:

Got a sweet tooth? Try Pumpkinator next to Capitol City’s Oktoberfest, which is maltier, even stickier than the pumpkin. They’re hard to tell apart at a glance—both are pictured at left—but your tongue will tell the difference. Side-by-side tastings are the best way to learn what you like to drink, and fresh beer at a brewpub is a fine place to try it.