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Jake Adelstein knows the cost of burning a source. A former reporter with Japan’s most prestigious and largest daily, the Yomiuri Shinbun, Adelstein’s investigations into Japanese organized crime cost a close friend her life and put his family and friends—even those who resided in the United States—in the sights of the country’s most violent crime boss. Tokyo Vice details the lengths to which he went to cover the story of his career and the general madness of Japan’s legal system. Mobsters, known as Yakuza, are idolized while the foreigners who work for them, often as prostitutes under coercion, are denied emergency care and police services. Raids on Yakuza businesses are formally announced a day or two in advance, allowing gang leaders to delegate a patsy and remove evidence related to other crimes. And even the best newspapers have to kowtow to their investors–many of whom benefit from mob money—on certain stories. David Simon’s tirades about the decline of cop reporting stateside are downright tepid in comparison. JAKE ADELSTEIN SPEAKS AT 7 P.M. AT BARNES & NOBLE, 4801 BETHESDA AVE., BETHESDA. FREE. (301) 986-1761.