If America is addicted to oil, as President George W. Bush once said, Edward Burtynsky just might be an enabler. It would be great to cut back a little, but here he is, offering up images that glorify our need for the black gold, elevating the art of looking at industrial excess and environmental ruin to a pleasure. Never before has “Drill, baby, drill,” looked so beautiful. Bertynsky has spent years documenting oil in all of its various incarnations: from derricks to shipyards to autos and planes, and finally, to pollution, all of which are chronicled in Adamson’s show, a companion to an exhibition of the same name at the Corcoran. His eye for oil is totally objective: to one viewer, the photos are a depiction of American excess and environmental ruin, while to another, they celebrate progress, modernity, the global market and the American way of life.THE EXHIBITION IS ON VIEW Tuesday to Friday 11:30 A.M.-5 P.M. AND Saturday NOON-5 P.M. TO NOV. 21 AT ADAMSON GALLERY, 1515 14TH ST. NW. FREE. (202) 232-0707. —Maura Judkis