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There’s a sketch on Michael And Michael Have Issues where the Comedy Central show’s namesakes—Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black—duel for a maiden’s hand. Dressed in tights, ruffles and tri-cornered hats, they impale each other simultaneously. They survive, but she faints and fatally bashes her head upon falling. The sketch, of course, is really about eternally blossoming nonsexual dude-love, and that’s how Michael and Michael approach almost any collaboration: The two alumni of MTV’s The State aim for each other first and the audience second. The dynamic works because they’re goofballs at the core; they’re not out to exclude anybody intentionally. But sometimes the world just melts away, and it’s Michael and Michael arguing over a bag of poo. They won’t be able to hide the love live. BLACK AND SHOWALTER PERFORM AT 8 P.M. AT 6th & I HISTORIC SYNAGOGUE, 600 I ST. NW. $30. (202) 408-3100. —Joe Warminsky