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Bear Republic Racer 5

Where Spotted: Timor Bodega, 200 Rhode Island Ave. NW

Price: $10/six-pack

Buy You a Thank: We don’t have to go around the table this week, but I nonetheless give thanks that I can walk into most any beer store and dependably find a classic West Coast IPA like Racer 5, big and citrusy with a faceful of hops. Five years ago it was a beer you (or I) would read about on beer blogs. Today, it’s a staple. So thank you, good-beer drinkers, for helping businesses bring the country’s best stuff all to D.C.

How the East Was Won: It’s worth noting that Bear Republic makes some other wonderful beers, especially for hop-heads. Its Red Rocket is a standard-setter for hoppy red beers, like an IPA sitting on a pile of grain, while its Hop Rod Rye is a darker beer with burnt-rye spiciness. Both are so hoppy as to say, “Welcome to the West Coast.”

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