Guitar High: Citay?s latest is a loud, trippy update of earlier psychedelia.

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David Crosby and Dean Wareham’s best work may be separated by about two decades, 2,000 miles, and an ocean of reverb, but both musicians hold equal influence over Citay’s Dream Get Together. On its third album, the San Francisco–based band splices two eras in which soft and psychedelic sounds held court—the early ’70s and the late ’80s. The band’s last record, Little Kingdom, was light and dreamy. Songs grew slowly and steadily through accumulation—adding mandolin, a keyboard, then an electric guitar lead a piece at a time until the band had built up a tidal wave of Laurel Canyon hippie vibes. Dream Get Together is a more overtly rockin’ affair. Album opener “Careful With That Hat” riffs for only a moment before the drums crash in and the song erupts into a full-tilt jam that’s still plugging away when the faders come down at seven minutes. The title track is similarly spirited, pouring on layers of Thin Lizzy–informed guitar harmonies. Citay started out as a studio-only collaboration between singer/guitarist Ezra Feinberg and guitarist/engineer Tim Green (formerly of the Fucking Champs). Songs were written, composed, and perfected as they were recorded. But Citay has evolved into a live ensemble with a rotating cast of musicans, and Dream Get Together benefits from the extra bodies. Songs sound loose and spontaneous, as if they came together in a rehearsal space rather than on a mixing board. The band’s real genius, though, is its ability to achieve minimalist indie-rock space-outs using the tools of classic folk-rock. The epic instrumental “Hunter” uses open-tuned guitars and synthesizers to conjure the mystic pulse of Baltimore’s Lungfish. And the album’s final track, a cover of Galaxie 500’s “Tugboat,” sticks pretty close to its source material. Well, until the Duane Allman riff drops in.