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Comic books came of age as a superhero medium, and they remain one. But for a brief period, mostly in the 1950s, capes and spandex lost their cachet and other genres reigned—like Westerns, horror, police procedurals, and, yes, romances. The Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein made a living copping frames from titles like Secret Hearts, and he’s the uncredited muse of My Comic Valentine: A Comic-Book for the Stage Vol. 2. The play, with only five performances, re-creates actual comics stories from the 1950s, down to the lettering and the pulpy ads for love potions and pocket knives. Expect deliciously retrograde attitudes and steamy wish-fulfillment. Things may get explicit: The industry-regulating Comics Code wasn’t created for Captain America; it was founded to curb lustful, youth-perverting stuff like this. THE PLAY SHOWS at 10 P.M. FEB. 12 and 13, and at 3 p.m. AND 7:30 P.M. FEB. 14 AT THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ARTS CENTER, 2438 18TH ST. NW. $12–$17. (202) 462-7833.