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Where Spotted: The Brewer’s Art, 1106 N. Charles St., Baltimore

Price: $4.50/pint

Less Is ’More: I like to think that I’d have come here even if this brewpub hadn’t been featured in Esquire, but it has, and here I am. To my left, a regular has his first three beers picked out; to my right, a young couple orders burgers and Cokes. Steps away is the American Foundation for Urologic Disease. It doesn’t feel like one of the country’s best brewpubs.

Kickin’ Grass: One beer changes my mind. I have a well-cataloged love affair with dry rye beers, and 7 Beauties is among of the breadiest of the bready. It smells like healthy breakfast cereal, grainy and rough, and the glass stays persistently brown and cloudy as I drink it down. This solid beer isn’t going anywhere, and for the moment, neither am I.