It was “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” performed at his home hours before the King’s death—a crucial point in Greek college student Illektra’s (Ioanna Sourmeli-Terzopoulou) senior thesis about melancholy in rock ’n’ roll. When she accidentally leaves her notes on a chair, Markos (Thanos Angelis) discovers them and falls in love with Illektra’s ideas about music. So he transforms himself into a fellow music snob to get her to go out with him. Intellectually, though, Markos is in over his head. When Illektra introduces him to the aural assault of avant-garde Greek singer Diamanada Galás (whose voice is a terrifying, satanic, animalistic howl), he realizes he and Illektra may not be a perfect match. Though Elvis’ Last Song is the fourth movie made by writer/director Vasilis Raissis, it feels like a student effort with poor lighting and shoddy camerawork; a more polished production might make up for a lackluster script and lack of chemistry between the leads.