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You have to suspend a healthy chunk of disbelief to buy the premise: A former accordion virtuoso who’s given up the instrument (under mysterious, possibly diabolical circumstances) is trekking across a vast expanse of inhospitable terrain to return a horned accordion to his master, who’s very likely been dead for some time. Meanwhile, a teenage boy, even more sullen than the accordionist, ditches a beautiful girlfriend and insists on accompanying him on his dangerous trek—despite all the scorn he gets for it—because he hopes some of the man’s former talent will rub off on him. So off they go, marching wordlessly across stunning Colombian landscapes and occasionally getting themselves into duels (mostly of the musical variety). For all but the most die-hard bolero fans, the music won’t sustain interest beyond the halfway mark. But it’s a beautifully shot film with a certain allure, more despite its eccentricities than because of them.