Do you wish The Commitments had been more like Away From Her? Then the Belgian director Geoffrey Enthoven’s Over The Hill Band, about an aging trio of ex-singers, is for you. When 70-year-old Claire loses her husband in a car accident, she copes with the prospect of her own mortality by reuniting her former partners-in-song, Lutgard and Magda, under the haphazard musical direction of her son, Sid—a sort of Eastern European, R&B remix of Jack Black—much to the chagrin of her other son, Michel, who worries that the lark is accelerating Claire’s dementia. The film leans heavily on the sort of generational-clash musical slapstick that has made the First Baptist Senior Adult Choir an Internet sensation. But it stalls in rewarding the audience for enduring the cringeworthy run-up to its climax. In the end, here is a film less about reclaiming one’s youth than fighting a futile battle against time.

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