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Barcelona: So charming, so quirky, so…filled with lowlifes? At first Patxi Amézcua’s film obeys the ground rules of all Spanish cinema—open with a sex scene, keep your criminals sympathetic—but quickly turns American, when a car thief (Aida Folch’s Kay) and a loan shark’s goon (Francesc Garrido’s Abel) find each other’s heart of gold. But there is a problem! Kay’s dad, Sebas, keeps getting into…debt trouble, Abel’s boss’ wife is gunning for his life, and pretty soon this ragtag duo of misfits with vaguely biblical names has to rescue Sebas from crooked cops before making a run at a better life somewhere else. Amézcua’s knack for gritty action lets you feel a little generous toward the clichés, and one of the final turns on the road to the film’s climax is very un-Hollywood. The end, however, will make you think Amézcua’s gunning for a job far from the Catalonia whose dark side he makes you believe in.